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This is the first registration season whereby all Fort Rouge operated leagues ( Evening Monday, Early Evening Tuesday, Evening Wednesday, Evening Thursday, Friday Night Mixed, Saturday Alternate Mixed and Saturday Social Mixed ) have online team registration and payment facilities.

This is the preferred method as a team contact can quickly register and pay from the comfort of your home and the club benefits by receiving up to date membership details and ease of tracking team registrations and payments.

We have recently added a few new features.

  1. Locker and Banquet Ticket Payments : previously located in the registration process when individually based as opposed to the current team based format, we have set up a separate area for these payments. You can find this under the "Leagues" header.
  2. Club Donations : this is now also located under the "Leagues" header with the Lockers and Banquet Ticket payments.
  3. Member Forum : A new area located in the Members section that gives the opportunity for curlers looking for a team or teams looking for a curler, to post their intentions for our members to view. There is also an area for you to provide suggestions.

We will continue to strive to improve this process and add enhancements going forward.