Honourary Life Members and Past Presidents


    Fort Rouge Curling Club

    1919-20        2018-2019



    Ken Hilton

    Rolf Stolle

    Don Shiach

    Tom Gill

    Tom Clasper  

    Ingi Ingaldson

    Paul Pelletier

    Don Wiles

    Bob Boughey

    Elizabeth Stolle

    Darryl Hogg

    Pat Carson

    D’Arcy Clendenan

    Roger Dennis




    Jim Barrie

    Paul Lucko Bruce Russell

    Bill Scott

    Spence Shiach Jack Smith



    Marguerite Walsh Elizabeth Wilson J. Ross Woods
    Clara Floyd Pearl Glinz Treasure Rigby
    Edith Houston Andy McWilliams Billy Walsh
    Esther Poulton Helen McDiarmid Jim DeWolfe
    Jack Smith Beryl Harding Spence Shiach
    Claude Reid Nell Stoughton Bill Scott
    Hal Pullin Paul Pelletier Tom Clasper
    Dan Hildebrand Bob Boughey Kim Warburton
    Jim Macgregor Matt Pilloud  




    1919-21 S.A. Campbell

    1921-22 R. Thoms

    1922-23 Angus More

    1923-24 F.A.W. MacLean

    1924-25 E.C. Stacey

    1925-26 Wm. C. Allan

    1926-27 A.P. Jamieson

    1927-28 J. H. Perry

    1928-29 J.J. McLennan

    1929-30 Jas. Johnston

    1930-31 Dr. B.S. Bailey

    1931-32 J.A. Fraser

    1932-33 W. Youngman

    1933-34 H. MacKenzie

    1934-35 J.B. Jack

    1935-36 H.P. Side

    1936-37 L.H. Mitchell

    1937-38 Chris Stevens

    1938-39 J.S. Miller

    1939-40 Jas. Coutts

    1940-41 T. Bone

    1941-42 Ross Woods

    1942-45 Geo Wildeman

    1945-46 T.C. Bone

    1946-47 H.G. Scott

    1947-48 R.A. Anderson

    1948-49 J.M. Wilson

    1949-50 E.D. Struthers

    1950-51 H.G. Marsden

    1951-52 J. Grimshaw

    1952-53 Barney Dillon

    1953-54 H. Walsh

    1954-55 T. Ritchie

    1955-56 J.G. De Wolfe

    1956-57 A. McWilliams

    1957-58 R. Ferguson

    1958-59 W. Walsh

    1960-61 A. Langlois

    1961-62 S.A. Duncan

    1962-63 M.S. Martin

    1963-64 R. Sangster

    1964-65 S. Shiach

    1965-66 G. Rogers

    1966-68 J. Cook

    1968-69 K. Hilton

    1969-70 J. Smith

    1970-71 H. Pullin

    1971-72 A. Hardie

    1972-73 C. Reid

    1973-74 J. Campbell

    1974-75 W. Morrison

    1975-76 R. Dennis

    1976-77 J. Barrie

    1977-78 P. Hailley

    1978-79 L. Finnen

    1979-80 P. Pelletier

    1980-81 B. Scott

    1981-82 T. Gill

    1982-83 Roger McNeill

    1983-84 Reg Malanchuk

    1984-85 F. Paquette

    1985-86 Ingi Ingaldson

    1986-87 Gerald Hobson

    1987-88 Brian Penston

    1988-89 Duncan McAulay

    1989-90 John Gray

    1990-91 Don Shiach

    1991-92 Don Wiles

    1992-93 Tom Clasper

    1993-94 Bob Boughey

    1994-95 Bob Roe

    1995-96 Pat Carson

    1996-97 Gord Cole

    1997-98 Darryl Hogg

    1998-99 Ken McLean

    1999-00 Don Biebrick

    2000-01 Jeff Hodge

    2001-02 Clark Norman

    2002-03 Mike Wattis

    2003-04 Doug Griffin

    2004-05 Slade Willison

    2005-06 Phil Pines

    2006-07 Ernie Wilson

    2007-08 Dan Hildebrand

    2008-11 Craig Jones

    2011-13 Don MacDonell

    2013-15 Ray Bow

    2015-17 Mike Stasenski 2017-18 Jim Macgregor  2018-19 Keith Johnston
    2019-20 Brad McLean    

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    The Fort Rouge has six sheets of ice in a modern, well maintained building. We have both female and male change rooms for your convenience. Ample parking is available in our large, well lit lot and the surrounding side streets. Our main floor and washroom is wheel chair accessible. Casual rental of ice for a draw or a mini bonspiel are available by contacting our Club Manager for details.

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